Working Conditions And Job Quality – Is It Related?

working conditions

Are working conditions and job quality related? Today, most people carry out multiple tasks. Most employed people have families and homes to take care of. This gives them multiple responsibilities, which in that case, all have to be fulfilled. We find that sometimes it gets problematic to balance work and family.

Discussion – how to balance?

Good work or well-paying jobs reduce the tension which workers face while trying to balance their lives between work and home or family. Long working hours tend to increase the tension that workers suffer between work and home. This tension arises due to stress from work, the need to work hard or get fired and time factor. The time factor is the situation where you need to balance between the needs of your family and those of your work. You will need to accomplish all of them and at the right time.

Usually, women who have children or simply parents are the ones who mostly fall victim of the tension that comes with balancing work and family. For example, in Germany, employed women, or simply mothers are the ones who fall under this category. They carry out tasks, raising children and work. This tends to be a problem sometimes.

When the working conditions are poor as listed above, the job quality reduces. Most organizations suffer from this. In order for the job quality to be good, the working conditions have to be improved. Poor conditions reduce the productivity of your company and your competitors may be up to you.

The statics show that a person who is from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) country does spend an average of 37 hours in one week at work. This shows that work is related to the quality of an individual’s life. Productivity and economic performance depend on the quality of the jobs. There are three objectives to consider when assessing the job quality. They are;

  • Labor market security. This measures the risk of unemployment and those benefits that are received in case of unemployment.
  • Quality of the working environment. This includes the non-economic aspects of jobs such as nature. That is the situation of the place the work is being carried in.
  • Earnings quality. This shows how earnings of the work done benefit the workers’ lives.

The above points clearly show that working conditions and job quality are related. To perform your job well you have to have a clear mind and this would improve your work. Having a divided mind, for example, you are work and thinking about the responsibilities you have back at home, can negatively impact your performance at work which will be problematic to the company’s productivity.