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From the machine to the smartphone

Casino games, slot games, slot machines or even arcade games no matter what you call them or what part of them you take out of. Almost everyone has ever played a game, and everyone knows at least one game from one of these areas. Interest in such games has been unbroken for many years.

It is also clear that the interest in the games is still unbroken, but over the last few years there has been a shift in the games media. Around the turn of the millennium, the slot machine and arcade games in Germany experienced their first peak. From this point in time, more and more casinos and gaming arcades were created in Germany.

These settled not only in the big cities but also in middle and small towns. Thus, it became possible for a large part of the population to play this type of entertainment in relative proximity to their own place of residence. Of course, the slot machines offered in the games arcade are not free of charge, but there is usually the option to have a coffee with the friendly staff if you so desire.

The casinos, which exist only in some selected cities offer in contrast to gambling houses also pure luck and card games at which then also much higher amounts of money like in the play libraries may be used.

Over the last 10 years, many online casinos have emerged with the introduction and spread of the Internet. These offer in contrast to gaming or casinos usually the entire range of both gambling house variants. The advantages of the online casino are obvious:

– The user has a very large selection of games from a variety of areas to choose from

– Unlike regular casinos or casinos, online casinos can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus, it is also possible to play short games in between.

– The online casino is usable from home. The visitor does not have to leave the house or apartment to use an online casino.

– Better cost overview by own customer account with the on-line casino

– The online casinos are usually located outside Germany and are therefore subject to EU law. Thus, for example, much higher stakes are allowed as in German gambling

In addition, many online casinos offer your visitors a variety of additional short-term or long-term bonuses when playing certain games. Especially the setting of additional bonuses leads to the interest in the game for the respective user. In pure slot games, the bonus allocation cannot be influenced.

Due to on this page of smartphones and the corresponding software, the casino games are currently experiencing a shift in focus. Gambling websites must stop appealing to children, regulators warn | The Independent and more online casinos are now also offering casino games that have been optimized accordingly for use on smartphones. As a result, the casino games gain additional mobility for the user, since he can now use anytime, anywhere with his smartphone casino games from various online operators.

A known problem: games with deposit

The development of arcade, slot machine and casino games for use on smartphones has progressed rapidly in recent years. Meanwhile there are a multiplicity at appropriate games which were optimized for the use over the Smartphone.

Unfortunately, here is the problem that many online casinos both on the app version as well as on the desktop often require corresponding deposits before you get as a user the access to the respective game offer.

Those who are on the Internet in search of free games or casino games without deposit then often have to do a cumbersome Google search on the back ranks of the Google list, so they then find online casinos that no deposit as a prerequisite for the See the benefits of your offer. This of course is extremely expensive and does not necessarily arouse the enthusiasm for casino or slot machine games.

50 free spins on mobile and desktop

Even worse is the problem for the smartphone. If someone searches for online casinos on Google and he finally finds in the back of the Google listing that does not mean that the user can play the game. It is easily possible that just this online casino found by the user was unfortunately not optimized for smartphone use.

To be fair, one has to say that things are changing in this area, too. Meanwhile, it is possible to download about 50 different arcades, slot machine and casino games completely free of charge for mobile phones and possibly also for the desktop.

Even for the game itself incurred in the use no further costs. These are all free games without deposit. Since the game is financed by appropriate advertising on the smartphone, a deposit in the use of the games is not necessary and the users can go around for free in each selected game and get started.

Starburst Free Spins No Deposit

Interestingly, it is also here on the smartphone – as well as many online casinos on the PC desktop – just the old classic games that not only do not require any previous deposit but also offer a maximum of free spins for each user.

Probably behind this is the idea that with the award of additional rewards and incentives also classic games such. Starburst continues to make it interesting for many users. Whether this game should be made interesting for users is just an open question. Due to its easy playability, clear gameplay and easy-to-understand rules, the game has certainly on smartphones without bonus award certainly a wide mass of players who would be thrilled for this slot machine game.


Finally, we can say that with about 50 free spins for the smartphone quite a lot has been done in the field of arcade, slot machine and casino games. If one compares this number with the number of free games in general, which come out every year for Android or IOS then you have to say that there is still a lot of action to be taken in the future.

It is to be hoped that the operators of online casinos will see the signs Recognize time and offer as soon as possible new free spins for the smartphone. If that does not happen, the existing games in the mire of the annual new releases may well go down.

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