How Computers are Ruining Our Lives 

How Computers are Ruining Our Lives 

The majority of working people feel exhausted. We all want to impress our bosses, climb the corporate ladder and increase our salaries. But there is a reason why it is called a ‘rat race’. 

A disbalanced life hurts you, your family and your company. Take, for example, our work at a computer. How much time every day you spend staring at the screen? We bet it’s much more than you think. In the long term, it can have detrimental effects on your life.  

First of all, you are sitting. At your desk at work, at your home computer when you get back, when you browse social media or watch TV. It causes stress on your spine, blocks blood flow.  

What you should do is break the habit of sitting for long hours. Just for a couple of minutes every hour. This is the easiest, free and most beneficial way of negating the effects of long computer hours.  

Is a standing desk a solution?  

standing desk

It’s complicated. If you simply replace sitting to standing, it doesn’t really solve anything. In fact, now your heart, legs and lower back are put under pressure.  

In any case, whether you sit or stand, you still need to move. Exercising is great but you should know that still, a significant damage is being done to your body if you sit for 8 hours straight and then exercise for half hour.       

Secondly, you must take care of your eyes. Long hours really put a strain on them. The main problem here is that when we look t our screens, we forget to blink. And that causes eyes to dry out. Another problem arises if you work with the computer before going to bed. 

So, what you might want to do is put a giant sticker above your screen that says ‘BLINK’. While an app such as f.lux could help you with screen fatigue. It will automatically adjust screen brightness based on the time of the day. Lower brightness during the night hours will protect your eyes. Although, no screens before bed is the best.  

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Lastly, there is an emotional aspect. The internet has life-like video games, cat videos, pornography, live dealer casinos and everything in between. Who’s surprised that some people get addicted to being alone on the computer and, eventually, end up avoiding any real world interaction. 

It’s becoming a major problem in the western world, but not only. If we find all the pleasures on the computer or a mobile device, we become numb to human interaction.  

Start with not bringing any work to home. Schedule a family time you can spend together without the digital interruptions.  

To end, we want to go to the beginning. If there is no balance between your work and home, you can’t expect to be neither a happy employee, nor a happy wife/husband. Work on it and fix it as soon as possible.